Compliance management is paramount when it comes to targeting work with increasing productivity and efficiency in a modern international business. Therefore compliance management is being used as a tool in many different businesses today. SAP provides software designed to help businesses adapt to changes in technology, regulations and the economy through governance, risk, and compliance management. SAP software solutions are compatible with a wide range of companies and are implemented all over the world and in many different businesses.

To give your business or organization a fast and reliable basis for decisions related to compliance, the SAP usage monitors are great tools to help you regain order in your systems and in that way save your company a lot of money.

A clean up tool for your system

The SAP Usage Monitor is a compliance system that helps you answer questions related to the SAP compliance at any time. The SAP Usage Monitor is designed to collect data about your system usage and the authorizations in your system. This enables instant reporting and transparency in your entire system.

With a manageable and transparent structure the SAP Usage Monitor software helps you clean up your system. As your company grows your systems may get outgrown – they might simply become cluttered with information and authorizations that are outdated. This can cost your company a lot of money and the SAP Usage Monitor can help you get back in control of your systems and your finances.

Compliance with monitoring

As a compliance management tool the SAP Usage Monitor tracks information about the users of the system and which parts of your systems are and are not being used. This makes it easier for you to clean up the system and discard the roles, users and transaction codes that are no longer being used. It becomes very clear if someone in your business or organization have too many or too few authorizations in the system and this is then easily managed by the monitor creating a blueprint of the existing users and roles suggesting a more efficient design of your role concept.

Among other compliance management solutions The SAP Usage Monitor is offered by providers of multiple compliance management solutions that can help your business reach its’ goals.


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